Digital Transformation

Getting ready to embrace the digital first approach both on a corporate and personal level. Future ready with KITE and our latest digital transformation course.


We are living in a time of ongoing change and disruption. The way we use technology today, might not be the way it will be used tomorrow. Digital technology is evolving as you read this and hence rethinking and reconsidering ones business approach in regards to how to use technology is a must. 

Looking closely at the ongoing technological disruption one can seet that nobody is really safe. Big companies such as Toys’R Us, GE, Hilton, and so on are being challenged by the likes of Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, Uber, Lazada, Shopee, Grab, and more. It is not enough to just provide nice products anymore, you need to provide great experiences. 

Having that said it is clearly necessary to understand not only which technology to use, but also how to use it in order to get an advantage over the competition. Continuous innovation is the key and making this technological revolution an integral part of a company’s business plan will be essential in order to ensure success in the upcoming decades. 

Our KITE Digital Transformation course will give you the necessary tools and techniques to make sure that you will be ready for the technology disruption and take the lead to beat the competition. You will learn how:

  • to efficiently use latest technologies like AI, bots, data analytics to increase customer satisfaction and your corporate efficiency. 
  • to implement a sustainable digital mindset and corporate culture within your organisation
  • to best create constantly improving customer experiences
  • to adjust your organization’s strategy with the latest technological developments in order to boost your overall performance and give you an even bigger competitive advantage

Topics that might be included are: 

  • Designing Digital Teams
  • Communicating with Data
  • AI & Bots for organizations
  • Products, Platforms, Tools
  • Implementing a digital mindset

*Topics are obviously subject to change

The goals that we aim to accomplish with this course are: 

  • Understanding the underlying economics of innovation, technology, and market disruptions.
  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of current digital technologies and how they are driving advancements.
  • Understanding the process of thinking that can bring about significant progress in the organization.
  • Learn best practices and gain advice from experts in the field.
  • Understand how digital transformation is helpful in managing organizational transformation
  • Understand to navigate legal and ethical considerations that surround digital business practices like privacy and data protection
  • Enabling to engage in peer discussions thanks to your access to our network of previous attendees and experts associated with KITE
  • Understanding the concepts of data analytics, design thinking, and digital operations as well as creating business strategies and models.
  • Understanding crucial technologies like AI, IoT, robotics, quantum computing, and Blockchain to just name a few.
  • Understand how to navigate the world of digital ecosystems, observe the collision between traditional and digital business models and reinvent for future success.
  • Discover ways to compete and collaborate with other companies to create and capture value.
  • Maximize and boost the human talent within your company via digital means
  • Manage and assemble the team to experiment with new ideas, re-examine your core beliefs and upgrade your rulebook for future advancements.