Digital Strategies & Marketing

Everybody is talking about it, nobody really knows how to actually do it. It is obviously not just Facebook & Instagram. KITE equips you with the right tools to stay ahead of the digital game.

Which organization is suited for this course?

Reaching the right kind of audience is more crucial than ever. Now that everybody has a billion choices in front of them on their screens it is not just enough to be ‘out there’ anymore, it’s important to be seen by the right people, at the right place, and the right time. If you feel like you could improve in this area or simply need some support in getting the right audiences to notice you, this service is for you. 

Why organizations needs this course

You want to increase your audience, get more leads, increase sales, reach KPIs and digital marketing is, of course, an integral part to achieve all this. In order to maximize your success in this field is is crucial to keep up to date with the latest trends, changes in algorithms, shifts in digital cultures, and everything else that changes online on an almost daily basis. 

Our KITE Digital Strategies & Marketing course / service provides you with what you need to not only survive, but also strive digitally. 

Content of the course

  • Digital Strategy basics: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Websites, Blogs, 
  • Measuring success: KPIs, Lead Generation, Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Current developments (AI, Bots, Voice Search, etc.)
  • Predicting and preparing for the future by looking at latest developments

What participants will gain from the course

  • Ability to set up / run their digital channels and platforms
  • Creating digital campaigns to support business goals
  • Planning and executing digital strategies in line with organizational goals
  • Foreseeing digital developments and implementing concepts to maximize their input
  • Ongoing support and access to the KITE knowledge base

Getting ready to embrace the digital first approach both on a corporate and personal level. Future ready with KITE and our latest digital transformation courses.

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